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Meghan lives in Seattle, Washington and has been doing henna professionally since 2001. Meghan began henna when she was 17 years old, learning her skill through a local apprenticeship. Since 2007, Meghan has owned and operated her own business, Meghan’s Mehndi. Meghan enjoys doing henna in a variety of styles including traditional Indian, Arabic, tattoo-style, tribal and more. Her style as a henna artist has progressed and changed across the years but her favorite type of henna continues to be freestyle Arabic-inspired work. Meghan’s favorite part about henna is the opportunity to hear peoples’ stories and to help clients embrace life transitions through art. All of Meghan’s work is done free-hand without the use of stencils or tracing-making each design beautiful and unique.

Meghan’s Mehndi is dedicated to providing high quality henna art in a variety of styles. Meghan performs her art at a variety of venues including street fairs, festivals, birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, bachelorette parties, baby showers and more! If you have private parties or events that henna would add some excitement to, please check out our private parties page or contact us for more information.

solidarityIn addition to parties and events, Meghan specializes in doing henna for special life transitions and healing including the upcoming birth of a baby, undergoing chemotherapy, adjusting to new scars, or memorializing someone who has passed away. Consider reading some testimonials from clients to get a feel for how henna could assist you.

To see images of our artwork, please visit the Meghan’s Mehndi photo gallery. The photo gallery changes periodically, so come back and visit. For the most up to date information and news about henna, follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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Henna is a fun addition to any party or festive occasion. Meghan's Mehndi does henna at private parties in Seattle and the surrounding area.

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