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Welcoming Baby Girl Into This World:

belly-henna“I always admired the women who I had seen at festivals and fairs with big pregnant bellies with gorgeous henna designs on them, so when I found out I was expecting my first baby, I was so excited to get one myself. Lucky for me, my dear friend Meghan is an amazing henna tattoo artist who I had been getting my henna work done by for many years. I wanted to be able to celebrate my beautiful belly and show it off at the same time; Meghan was able to help me do just that! She created a one of a kind design according to the style I liked and it turned out so beautifully- thanks so much Meghan!” -Talia

A Birthday to Remember:

“Meghan came to a birthday party that we had for one of my closest friends. Having her there changed the whole party! Everyone (men and women) were reluctant at first to participate in having Mehndi, but once a couple of us sat under Meghan’s artistic brush, the excitement to get their own personalized piece of body artwork increased substantially!

Meghan’s freehand artwork is phenomenal. While she has many books to choose a design from I highly recommend that you let her do what comes naturally to her – her own Henna designs! For those that don’t want to take a risk (like some of the men), they can always opt for their favorite car logo! Thanks Meghan for doing such an amazing job. We so enjoyed having you set up at Gretchen’s party and we loved seeing such beautiful, yet temporary, pieces of art.-Carina 

A Child’s Birthday Party:

Meghan has made my daughter’s 12th Birthday party an unforgettable experience for her and her friends! She had many unique designs in her catalog to choose from. Meghan is a true artist, very professional, quick, all her work is done by hand, and on top of all that she is a very pleasant person to deal with. She’s very reliable, always replies to correspondence in a timely manner prior to event, showed up to our party on time. Her henna work will bring a very special spirit (very exotic) to any party, just make sure you follow her after-care instructions promptly, she knows her henna! I would highly recommend Meghan’s services to anyone!” ~Renata


A Life Transition:


“Though relieved to have had an early diagnosis and an excellent prognosis, six months after having a mastectomy for breast cancer I was still experiencing a lot of sadness at how my body looked after surgery. Meghan’s henna, by transforming that blank space on my chest to flowers and paisleys, catalyzed the healing of the heart I was needing, allowing me to finally accept and celebrate my journey. Meghan’s gentle demeanor and open heart, combined with her vibrant artwork, brought a tangible healing element to the henna she did for me after cancer surgery. I found her work to be a real blessing at a time I needed all the help I could get.” -Parker

Feeling Beautiful Again:

helenehead “Meghan gave me a henna crown after my hair fell out from chemotherapy. The experience was truly transformational – I was feeling sad and ugly with a bright bald head that she quickly turned into a beautiful work of art! I chose a few designs from a book (sea turtle, wasp, Hawaiian flowers, myrtle leaves) which she freehanded into an amazing design. I organized a party at my house (she came to us!) so she could also give my friends solidarity tattoos – she gave us all (9 people) tattoos in 3 hours. We were all really impressed and delighted with the results. I chose her based on her website’s beautiful photos; she was even better in person. She’s worked with many cancer patients and her presence and talent was very healing. I highly recommend her (and am spreading the word at the cancer center so others may benefit!)” – Helene

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Henna is a fun addition to any party or festive occasion. Meghan's Mehndi does henna at private parties in Seattle and the surrounding area.

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