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Henna Crown Gatherings

Women who are undergoing chemotherapy often enjoy the healing art of henna in the form of a henna “crown”, or design, on the head. Crowns can be applied in a gathering with friends and family. This serves as a time to gather, share stories, and relax as the crown is created and applied. Women have the option to choose symbols and images that have healing and strengthening qualities or meaning to them; with their inspiration in mind, we create unique pieces highlighting the important moments and people in their lives throughout the design. Other options include simply creating a design that is beautiful and feminine, opening up space for self confidence and assurance in a time of transition. If the crown is done with friends present, those in attendance can also receive a henna design that incorporates similar elements from the henna crown design; this process is a powerful act of community, solidarity and love. Please inquire for pricing (dependent on whether an individual would like a henna crown with or without guest designs).

A Henna Crown Gathering

A Henna Crown Gathering



Add Henna To Your Next Event

Henna is a fun addition to any party or festive occasion. Meghan's Mehndi does henna at private parties in Seattle and the surrounding area.

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