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Henna Poems and Song Lyrics

Mehndi; the decorative henna holds his heart

With the decorative henna on her hands
She holds her lover’s heart so close within,
So very light and so very pure
Without lust or any thought of sin,
She had loved him once before
In the past many centuries ago
She knows this is true
As her soul and heart had told her so,
Now once again she is wearing his yellow coloured henna
On her white so delicate silky soft hands
She is at his very side and at his every love command,
She loved him then she loved him now
She met him in a dream some way some how,
He is hers as she is his, their destiny had already been written
This henna on her hands tells her so,
In her hands his heart is gently rocked to and fro,
Till the time of departure
To her husbands house she will have to go,
This yellow tormenting sparkling henna
A sign of new brides blushes
A sign of this woman sweating brow and embarrassment
With her head down and her heart beating faster and faster,
She is in torment praying it’s all over soon,
She will always be at her husband’s side
In happiness and sorrow
She is at his command
She will and has fallen in love with him
He will give her everything she will demand,
She is his star she is his moon
The yellow henna on her hands
Had already told him she is his.


In Praise Of Henna

A KOKILA called from a henna-spray:
Lira! liree! Lira! liree!
Hasten, maidens, hasten away
To gather the leaves of the henna-tree.
Send your pitchers afloat on the tide,
Gather the leaves ere the dawn be old,
Grind them in mortars of amber and gold,
The fresh green leaves of the henna-tree.A kokila called from a henna-spray:
Lira! liree! Lira! liree!
Hasten maidens, hasten away
To gather the leaves of the henna-tree.
The tilka’s red for the brow of a bride,
And betel-nut’s red for lips that are sweet;
But, for lily-like fingers and feet,
The red, the red of the henna-tree.

-Sarojini Naidu


Origin of expression
Born of imagination
Designed with creativity
Amaze, mystify, and intrigue.

Swirls of henna caress
The hands and feet
of blushing Indian brides
In a spectrum of
dazzling patterns.

Reflections of nature
pose on upturned palms and feet
Illuminated in russet shades,
Warm and inviting,
Aesthetically pleasing.

Basking in momentary admiration
Fades eventually
with seemingly assimilation
Encapsulating age -old tradition.


If you have a poem or quote you would like posted, please contact us. Anything in light of the henna tradition or Indian culture is welcome and appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you!

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