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Henna Q&A

Q: How long does henna last?

A: Anywhere from 2-4 weeks is pretty standard. Usually henna will last 1-2 weeks of good color and 1-2 weeks of fading color. Certain things will lessen the life of the design such as chemicals in hot tubs and swimming pools, exfoliating, harsh soaps and scrubs, and lotions containing alpha hydroxy or other skin-sluffing chemicals. Henna does not tend to last as long on the torso or head. Henna on the head for example, will be lighter in color and will last about a week.

Q: Where does henna stain darkest?

A: Henna stains darkest on the hands, feet, ankles, and wrists. The further in towards the center of your body the design is put, the lighter it generally is. Henna stains darkest on areas with lots of dead skin.

Q: What is henna made of?

henna plant

A: Henna is made from the crushed up dried leaves of the henna plant. Henna grows in warm regions of the world such as India, Pakistan, and the Middle East. The henna leaves are dried, crushed, then sifted into a powder to remove debris and plant fibers. Once this powder is sifted it can be  mixed with lemon juice, sugar, and a mixture of safe essential oils to form the henna paste, which is painted on the skin in the form of mehndi.

Q: What is black henna? Do you use black henna?

Natural henna never stains black. In the design photos, the henna may appear black- this is because the paste is still on the skin. When dry, the henna paste is a blackish-green color. Unfortunatley, some artists, especially in Mexico, Las Vegas, and other tourist locations use “henna” that stains your skin black. The substance they are using is usually henna that has been mixed with with harmful chemicals such as PPD (para-phenylenediamine). This substance will dye the skin jet black in as quickly as 20 minutes, however PPD is a known carcinogen and can be quite harmful cause burning, rashes, scarring, and/or blood poisoning. It is not FDA approved and is illegal for use in the United States. Meghan’s Mehndi NEVER uses black henna.

Please contact us with your henna questions and we will do our best to answer them. We look forward to hearing from you!

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