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Transitions and Healing

designing-headTraditionally, henna is used in many of life’s most important ceremonies and transitions. Meghan specializes in working with people who are undergoing transitions in their life, whether it be cancer treatments, adjusting to scars, grieving a loved one, or welcoming a new life into the world. In addition to being a henna artist, Meghan has a Masters in Counseling and brings a calming presence to her work. Although a session with Meghan is not counseling, it might be considered therapeutic. Henna allows people to express themselves through symbols, imagery, and to feel empowered in their adorned skin.

empoweredHenna Crowns

Women who are undergoing chemotherapy often enjoy the healing art of henna in the form of a henna “crown”, or design, on her head. Crowns can be applied in a gathering with friends or through a private appointment. Often women will choose symbols and images that have healing and strengthening qualities or meaning to them; with their inspiration in mind, I create unique pieces highlighting the important moments and people in their lives throughout the design. Other options include simply creating a design that is beautiful and feminine, opening up space for self confidence and assurance in a time of transition. If the crown is done with friends present, those in attendance can leave the gathering with a henna design that is similar to elements in the henna crown; this process is a powerful act of community, solidarity and love. Please inquire for pricing (dependent on whether an individual appointment or party-style event is requested).

breastScar Work

For many people, scars can be difficult to accept. Whether you have had a mastectomy, endured an injury, or had reconstructive work resulting in scars, henna may be one way that you feel more comfortable and confident in your new figure. Many women report feeling unfeminine due to their scars- with a bit of henna, women walk away feeling empowered, attractive, and self-confident. Please contact us to inquire about setting up a private appointment- pricing is dependent on the size and intricacy of the design.

Grief and Loss

When someone passes away, whether it is unexpected or not, grief is something that we all experience. One way to help in the grief process is to find a way to memorialize and remember a lost family member or friend. Pulling together symbols and images of who the deceased person was, helps one to remember the life that person led and to honor them through a work of art. The henna, once on the skin, acts as a visual reminder of the individual and as the design fades, it may help in the process of grieving and letting go- finding peace in life’s impermanence and the person’s passing.

Add Henna To Your Next Event

Henna is a fun addition to any party or festive occasion. Meghan's Mehndi does henna at private parties in Seattle and the surrounding area.

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